Adrian Sierkowski :

Director of Photography | 215.469.1677 | Los Angeles, Ca.


Adrian Sierkowski was born in Philadelphia, PA in 1983. From an early age Adrian accompanied his father, "Edski", to set as he worked on numerous documentary and commercial projects. At age 10 he got his his first camcorder with money he had made sweeping driveways, and began recording movies. Fascinated by the special fxs he saw in films such as Jurassic Park he turned his basement into a park and filmed his first project (consequently setting fire to the basement in a horrible Tyrannosaurus accident).

He enlisted in the US Army and deployed as part of Operation Enduring Freedom before attending Philadelphia's Temple University in 2005. There he continued his love of image making while discovering an enchantment with cultures through the anthropology classes offered as part of the core university requirements. It was during his undergraduate, in 2007 that his father passed due to liver failure, and shortly thereafter, his grandmother. At this point, without family, he was alone. Persevering, Adrian graduated Cum Laude with a BA in Cinematography and a BA in Sociocultural Anthropology. After graduation he worked for Temple University before earning a MA in Visual Anthropology.

Throughout high school at St. John Neumann and during his time at Temple University, until his Dad's death Adrian, continually worked on set, watching and learning. During his time at Temple he begin lensing the projects of his classmates, and eventually, outside clients. With those paychecks, and - as far as the IRS was concerned at least - became a "professional cameraman." In 2012, Adrian relocated to Los Angeles to continue his career as a Director of Photography. He has since lensed numerous feature films, documentaries, commercials, and music videos across all budget levels and formats. In 2016 a collection of his poetry was published under the title A/B in collaboration with his long-time, long-distance friend Brett Payton.

In 2019, Adrian was on set in Oklahoma as COVID-19 caused a complete halt to the film industry. Returning to Los Angeles he spent the majority of the pandemic catching up on his hobbies of cooking, reading, stills photography, and long-distance driving. As of 2021, while the world re-opens after the pandemic, he looks forward to new projects, challenges, and adventures.

As they say, "Let's go again!"